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Gensen-kan at Shimobe Onsen


Local Train Station: Shimobe Onsen
From Tokyo: From Shinjuku station take the Chuo Honsen line to Kofu. Transfer there to the Minobu line to Shimobe Onsen. Then take a bus to the ryokan. (5 min)
Travel Time: Shinjuku to Kofu, 1 hr 30 min. Kofu to Shimobe, 40 min. Bus to ryokan, 5 min. Total travel time 2 hrs 15 min.

Location/Contact Info

Address: Shimobe, Chimobe-cho,
Tel: 0556-36-0101
Fax: 0556-36-0105
Web: www.koyu-gensenkan.c...


Price: Rates range from Y6,000 to Y12,000 (including breakfast and dinner). The ryokan has 35 rooms.
Days Closed: None
Day Visit Option: Y1,000 (8am - 5pm). Day visits are limited to one hour.
Credit Cards: None accepted

The Water

Onsen Specifics: Four indoor baths, two mixed, one for men, one for women.
Water Good For: nervous disorders, rheumatism, burns, fatigue, recovering from surgery.
Water Composition: Alkaline plain

The Shimonobe onsen dates back to the ninth century, but its most famous guest was a well-known shogun, Takeda Shingen (1493-1573) who visitied the onsen in the 16th century. After injuring his shoulder in the Battle of Kawanakajima, Takeda came Gensen-kan to heal himself.

You can see a small shrine at the ryokan which was built to celebrate its curative powers.

The lukewarm onsen water bubbles up from the bottom rocks and is said have healing effects on fractures and bruises.

The ryokan is set up for long-term visitors and is still popular with people who stay for days on end to cure their illnesses.

You'll also find the onsen water for sale in the small town nearby.

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