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Lamp no Yado at Yoshigawara Onsen


Local Train Station: Suzu station
From Osaka/Kyoto: Take a express JR train to Kanazawa. At Kanazawa, transfer to local train to Nanao Station and transfer to Suzu station at the Nanao station. Then take a buss, direction to Kinoura station. You should get off at Yoshigaura. After getting off the bus, 15 min of walk to the ryokan.
Travel Time: Kyoto to Kanazawa takes 2 hrs. Kanazawa to Nanao is 50 min. Nanao to Suzu is around 3 hrs. A local bus to the ryokan takes 35 min.

Location/Contact Info

Address: Misaki cho Suzu city, Ishikawa
Tel: 0768-86-8000
Web: www.lampnoyado.co.jp...


10 Japanese style (4 w/ toilet) and 4 cabins (all of them w/ toilet)
Price: all Japanese style. Starting 18,000 yen to 40,000.
Day Visit Option: 1000 yen (3:00pm - 11:00pm)
Credit Cards: No

The Water

Onsen Specifics: 4 inside bathing rooms (two for men, two for women), and two outdoor bathing locations (one for each)
Water Good For: skin problem

At about the time the last lingering red glow of the sunset begins to fade, the blue lights in the swimming pool turn on, creating an exquisitely colored blue cavern. If you ascend the stairway, there is an overlook that has a commanding view of the entire cove. Here you can truly appreciate the wild and adventurous mood of the Sea of Japan. From the cavern bath, you can also watch the distant lights of the fishing boats, while listening to birds and other sounds of unblemished nature. With a bit of luck and good weather, there are days that the full moon is clearly visible from the cavern itself.

The Buzz

On the tip of Noto Peninsular, there is only one ryokan in Yoshigawara onsen, Lump no Yado . Even though electricity is available, the lamps are still used to maintain its old style atmosphere. The ryokan was started around 1790. The owner escaped from Kyoto with survivors of Heike crown who lost the war of Genji clown in the end of 12 century. In the ryokan, there are several memories from the escape. The current owner is also a honored Japanese dram player. Ishikawa prefecture is famous for traditional drum play and its specific form.

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$ = under Y8,000 per person
$$ = between Y8,000 and Y14,500
$$$ = above Y14,500
= mixed-bathing onsen
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