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Honeymoon Picks

This is getting too hot...

A minute earlier
I arrived at the station
A minute more
I think of you
-Salada Anniversary

A stay in a Japanese hot springs makes a perfect honeymoon destination. The relaxing effect of the hot waters, the elegant food, the joy of spending days in a loose fitting yukata, and even the fun of sleeping on the floor in a firm and cozy futon, all add up to very romantic experience indeed.

You'll find that as you enter the front door of a ryokan, real-world burdens fade into the background. On your first day at a Japanese ryokan, your inner clock will begin to slow. Soon, you'll have trouble remembering anything about the life you left behind. You will be in a special, remote, relaxing, rejuvenating place the perfect locale to mark the beginning of your life as husband and wife.

Because some onsen require that men and women bath separately, only those onsen that allow mixed bathing make our list of honeymoon picks, but we'll also include ryokan that have rooms with private indoor or outdoor hot springs attached, or will allow couples to reserve a smaller hot spring for private bathing.

And don't worry, if you must, most ryokan have a few rooms set up with conventional, western-style beds.

Honeymoon Picks Onsen

Wakakusa-no Yado

Ryokan Sensui

Magi Onsen Ryokan
This ryokan is located in a remote country setting, is built in a traditional style, has only 16 rooms, and each room has its own wooden tub attached to it.

The ryokan is located in the upper part of town, so the views are especially good. Its huge outdoor pool is especially attractive, located among the trees.

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