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I'm getting cooked....

This style of bath is called Goemon-buro, named after Goemon Ishikawa, the most renowned samurai, executed in a cauldron of boiling oil in 1594.

Some onsen, due to their history, physical location, architectural beauty, or quality of water, deserve to be singled out.

These are hot spring sites favored by the millions of onsen lovers in Japan: onsen that are written about again and again on personal web pages (an extremely popular custom in Japan), are covered in magazines, and are featured in commercials and on television programs.

While current estimates peg the number of hot spring sites in Japan at more than 2,000, we include in our list of Top Picks only those onsen the Japanese themselves have singled out as being deserving of special attention.

Top 20 Onsen

The setting, perched in a mountain lookout, takes its name from Taikan Yokoyama, a famous Japanese painter who admired the gardens and mountainside setting.

Hoshi Onsen
One Japanese onsen journalist who regularly visits upwards of 200 onsen a year ranks Hoshi as the best in Japan.

Aoni Onsen
Although Aoni ryokan has been updated and fully wired, like lest of Japan, they kept the use of the oil lamps as main light system in ryokan. There is no light bulb in this ryhokan. When it gets dark outside, the warm lamp fires come up.

Shuku Kaifuu
Here you'll find one of the best outdoor baths in Japan. They call it the bath on the sky. The view from this bath has an awsome view of the ocean.

Turunoyu Onsen

Lamp no Yado

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