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Southern Hokkaido

Southern Hokkaido contains more developed and more modern cities compared to Northern Hokkaido. Capital city Sapporo is the gateway for the small towns and cities of Hokkaido. It is known for it Winter Snow Festival in February.

Otaru city is a smaller and more atmospheric town. The hills are beautiful and the canals of the town were once used for storage. The towns restaurants, coffee shops, and clothing shops distinguish it from any other town in Japan.

Furano is known as the flower town. The breathtaking view of lavender in the summer is the one of the most popular attractions in the area. The name "Furano" originates from the Ainu (Hokkaido's indigenous people) word furanui, which means Ń«ragrant flame. Youcan see the flower wherever you go in Furano.

Noboribetsu-onsen is one of the most popular onsen districts in the area. Over ten different types of water, containing minerals such as hydrogen sulfide, salt, and iron, make for a unique bathing experience. Jigoku-dani Valley (hell valley) is a must-seen spot where yellow-ish gray volcanic gas blows off the surface of the rocks. This makes the whole place smell sulfur, and gives one the feeling of being in, well, hell.

Onsen in Southern Hokkaido

$ = under Y8,000 per person
$$ = between Y8,000 and Y14,500
$$$ = above Y14,500
= mixed-bathing onsen
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