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Northern Kanto

This region is close to Tokyo and yet has a completely different vibe from the big city, Tokyo. It is easy day trip from Tokyo, so it should be on every traveler's agenda.

One of the county's most beautiful parks, Kairakuen Park, is in the city of Mito (capital of Ibaragi). The park has more than 3000 plum trees, and many cherry trees which bloom spectacularly in cherry blossom season.

In Tochigi, the Toshogu Shrine may be the most popular site to visit. The famous 17th century Shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu, is associated with this Shrine. The engravings on the Yomei-mon Gate, the three monkeys of Shinkyu-sha, and the statue of Nemuri-neko (the sleeping cat) are well known for exotic and colorful design.

Gunma is home for many popular hot springs in Japan, which run the gamut from small to huge. One of the most famous hot springs towns, Kusatsu, was founded by a Dr. Balz, a German doctor who advocated the curative attributes of hot springs.

In the Kusatsu-onsen district, there are eighteen public onsen. And because most of them operate twenty-four hours a day, tradition will find onsen enthusiasts walking from onsen to onsen in nothing more than a robe a slippers.

Onsen in Northern Kanto

Gunma Prefecture

Hoshi Onsen $$ 

Saino Kawara Onsen  $

Sekisei-kan Bekkan  $$

Ousenkaku  $$$

Ryokan Tamagoyu $$

Tochigi Prefecture

Kita Onsen $ 

Yu-Yado Miyakawa $$ 

Hachyo-no-yu $$

Kaniyu  $$ 

$ = under Y8,000 per person
$$ = between Y8,000 and Y14,500
$$$ = above Y14,500
= mixed-bathing onsen
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