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Welcome! OnsenExpress is devoted to helping travelers obtain reliable information on Japan's hot springs. OnsenExpress went live in early November. For the next four to six weeks, the site will be fully functional, but in the background, we will be tinkering.

We invite you to comment on the site, its navigation, content, art, and overall usefulness. Help us make OnsenExpress better by spending time noodling around the site and reporting back -- tell us what's working and what needs fixing.

Because we are in a beta stage, be prepared for the possibility of a tiny bug or two -- and please note that we are still factchecking our write-ups, so consume OnsenExpress content with that in mind.

Look around and let us know how the site is performing. Send us your comments today. Thanks.

Green Tea Café

Our cafe is still being built. When we open our doors, we'll offer you a place to trade stories, leave messages, and just kick back.

Put your name on our mailing list and we'll let you know when we open.

Travel Desk

Soon, the OnsenExpress Travel Desk will be ready to help you make advance reservations at hotels and ryokan in Japan.

If you are interested to know more, contact us and we'll let you know you when the Travel Desk opens.

Super Natural and Wild

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Honeymoon Picks

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These cost-cutting strategies will help you enjoy the best of Japan's onsen without spending a fortune. Read more...

Top 20 Onsen in Japan

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